Hug an Atheist,  a documentary film about atheism in the USA, dispelling the myths and untruths following ordinary American atheists on their journey through life

 After a successful crowdfunding campaign and a hectic shooting schedule, 'Hug an Atheist' has now been produced!

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We have met and interviewed some inspiring people, both well-known and regular atheists going about their lives. I hope you'll enjoy the 1st official teaser (video above). The documentary has officially premiered at the San Francisco Atheist Film Festival. Reviews have started to appear on a variety of blogs and websites, including the Washington  Post.

This is a film about atheists: the stories of people who have come out as atheists, the stories of people who are actively campaigning and the struggles they’ve had to deal with, the stories of every day atheists, ... A documentary that shows that “we are just people too, trying to live a good decent life”.

We have several people enthusiastically involved in this project, including a few well known atheist bloggers like Greta Christina, Hemant Mehta and Richard Carrier. The American Humanist Association and the James Randi Foundation have also voiced their support for this film.

Please share this video and website with your friends, atheists and believers. We really believe this is an important subject and hope you feel the same way too.

If you think this is a worthwhile project please consider getting involved in some way. Just email us :-)

The soundtrack of Hug an Atheist features several songs by Quiet Company

Quiet Company

Make sure you check out their amazing music and lyrics.

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Yes, the film has been edited, coloured, scored and printed! It has been a mad few months here in the office. Hug an Atheist has had its premiere at the San Francisco Atheist Film Festival on Saturday, the 14th of September and has been well received by critics and the audience alike. Reviews have started to appear…

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I know I’ve been a bit quiet here, but it’s the first Friday of June, which for the last 4 years has been known as Hug an Atheist Day! So I am happy to present to you today a teaser of the film that you’ve been supporting.  I had hoped to be able to present…

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One of the questions I ask many of the people I interview is “What gives you hope?”. Hope that things will get better, not just for atheists but pretty much for the world. And I’d like to share part James Croft’s answer to this one. Quite a few people mentioned similarities between the LGBT community’s…

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