Game Day for You

News Sep 28, 2021

Game, the word itself defines the act of playing, but it can be anything. There are games that involve racing, sports like cricket, billiards, chess and others. These can be single player games, or multi player games (one person playing against many other players). However, a game is much more than just a simple physical challenge or hobby, it is an organized structured form of recreation, often undertaken for fun or entertainment, and at times used as an academic instrument.


Games are different from work, that is usually done for remuneration, in which the objective of the game is to beat the clock, collect as many points as possible, etc. In work, on the other hand, the object is to do your best with what you have been given. These objective oriented games are called “problem games” because they require solving a problem by using logic. Some of these games are so structured that the solution is a clear cut one. The problem in such a game is hidden until the player is exposed to it, at which point the puzzle is solved.

Video games are played on personal computers, TV screens, CDROMS, LCD screens, etc. There are two types of computer games: those that are programmed in special languages such as Java, Actionscript, Modepad, etc., and those that use standard game engines (or game scripting languages) such as Sun’s engine, Microsoft’s Interop language, Zyx, etc. Examples of the latter are the Doom and Quake. While action games are generally designed to achieve some level of goals through various means such as climbing up a series of stairs, fighting another human or animal, using a bow and arrow, etc., puzzle games are mainly designed to achieve a goal by finding a hidden item, understanding a code, clicking an invisible object, etc. Examples of puzzle games are Sudoku, Dr. Darkkan’s Mystery Case Files, etc.

Computer games also have another important component, the “addictive” element. When a player gains a level or reaches a goal, he or she is rewarded by becoming more powerful. This way of playing is similar to that of gambling where you try to obtain more money in order to progress to higher levels or perform more tricks and become more skillful. It is this addictive quality that keeps many people playing games well into the night. In fact, it has been suggested that game play can be beneficial to the brain in the way of training it to remember information, as well as helping to reduce stress and improve attention span.

Gamedays are available in a wide range of computer games from simple word-and-solve type games, to complex strategic games like Chess and Scrabble. A favorite among younger children, computer Gameday’s are relatively inexpensive. While not suitable for all ages, they provide a great alternative to sitting in front of a TV for hours, or in front of a console for hardcore gaming.

Gamedays can either be purchased as a single game package, or sold separately per piece. Today, some of the newer computer games allow players to interact with each other and the game itself through chat. Some newer games offer exciting features like real-time bidding, multiplayer challenges and exciting “hire and drop” features. With so many different types of Gamedays to choose from, it is easy to find a game that appeals to you. If you love spending time playing games, maybe you should look into Gamedays.