Gidget – A Very Cute and Simple Invention

News Sep 27, 2021


Gidget – A Very Cute and Simple Invention

A gadget is any clever, ingenious or mechanical creation made by a person or a group of people. Gadgets can be called gizmos also. These gadgets can be electronic, mechanical, or cosmetic products. Some examples of gizmos are the electronic toothbrush, digital cameras, calculator, cell phones, laptop, music players, microwave ovens, video games, wrist watches, sunglasses, and video bloopers. Some countries are fast adopting new styles of gadgets like USA, Japan, China, and UK which are innovatively known as gizmo.

There are many definitions for a gadget as seen in a dictionary. Gadgets, in this context, refers to any self-contained or connected object that may be used for personal benefit, amusement or fitness and may be used commercially or non-commercially. Gadgets may be simple in form but are complex in function and design. Wikipedia has a detailed definition section on Gadgets.

The word gadget comes from the French word’Gadget’ (meaning small tool) and ‘gaudy’. A very famous gadget in the history is the Thomas Alva Edison’s light bulb. This was his first invention and he used it to light up his breakfast table. But soon after this he introduced the electric lighting and even developed better ones such as the incandescent light. Thus we have got the word gadget from a small tool and a bigger one has come up to play the role of a gadget nowadays.

Now let us see some of the more popular gizmo. For example the gidget is a small, reusable, hand-held, plug-in gondola which is an alternative to an umbrellas or a parasol. The gidget has the ability to expand and contract with the heat of your body and thus provides support for your body at all times. In many countries it is considered a symbol of fashion and social status.

The first used gidget is found in the dictionary under the definition section of ‘a little hand-held instrument, especially for holding or carrying something flatly’. Thus Gidget means a hand-held flat object. So GADgets are very much related to flat objects. And since the first used gidget there is no doubt that it has been in use for quite sometime now. It is one of the most loved gadgets by kids of all ages and by adults too.

When you see the definition section of the word GADgets you will find out that it has nothing to do with anything that is related to technology or science. It is simply a name used for a very common gadget which is loved by all. When we use words like GADgets, it does not mean that the gadget is super scientific and that it is talking about some super complicated machine. It simply means a cute and fun gadget. It is a simple thing but everyone loves it for its originality and simplicity.