The Gidget 101

News Aug 5, 2021


The Gidget 101

A gadget is any creative or mechanically devised object used for the benefit of man. Gadgets can be called gizmos. They can be a medical apparatus, a tool, a machine, an electronic device, or merely something that is interesting and useful.

A gidget was originally a French name which meant a small button on a clothes peg that could be pushed to open a zipper. This zipper was often covered with little buttons or was decorated with engravings or other decorative patterns to make it more attractive. These buttons or decoration would then be put into small openings on clothes pegs. The term “gidget” itself has been derived from this initial usage of a button to open a zipper. The term gadget came from the German word gache which meant something small and beautiful. Thus, the first known use of the word gadget in English dates back to 1700.

A gidget was soon thereafter used in the sewing industry, where it became known as a sewing-machine’s helper, or a mendicant. A gidget could be made from brass or copper, which was prized by many early makers because it was soft and malleable, which allowed for intricate designs. In fact, some of the most beautiful works of art were created using intricate metalwork and embroidery. In time, the device became known as the gidget nail, due to its resemblance to a nail or a pin used in the sewing industry.

It wasn’t long before another gadget took the market by storm and changed the way we thought about gadgets forever. This next great creation was dubbed the wristwatch. Originally, these wristwatches were used for keeping track of time, but they soon became a great amusement piece. They featured musical notes, colorful numbers, and other fun features. Soon, other designers saw how much fun these wristwatches could be and soon they too added the musical ability to them. Thus began the invention of the fun, entertaining, and popular watch.

Another great example of a gidget toy is the leg girdle. This gidget or leg girdle was designed to aid a handicapped person or someone with limited mobility in walking, trotting, or bounding. It had a built-in foot pedal, which when activated allowed for the user to be able to walk. This was quite an attraction to elderly people who had trouble walking or ambulating. This gidget has had a variety of different types, both motorized and manual, but it is still sought after today.

The world loves to lampoon things and gidget toys are not exempt from that. Gidget has become a well-known character in her own right, even spawning her own television series on the Discovery Channel. If you have an interest in this colorful character, then you are sure to find a number of items featuring this famous midget and her various escapades on a variety of gadgets over the years. These fun and interesting gidget toys are sure to bring a smile to your face as you recall the laughter and the times you had with your gidget friend. The world will never stop laughing at this charming and humorous character and you can feel good about reliving those wonderful times with this wonderful gadget.