What Is a Gadget?

News Oct 21, 2021

A gadget is any creative, technical or mechanically equipped item used for pleasure or for another purpose. Gadgets can be called gizmos, too. Any device that is not used regularly but is useful in some way is a gimp. Some examples of gimps are clocks, cameras, radios, video recorders and other electronic goods. While there are many kinds of gimps, the most common ones are the electronic gadgets we see on TV, in the movies and around us every day. Gizmos are everywhere and it can be confusing trying to determine which gimps are for you.


Some synonyms for a gadget are gear, computer, device, tool and mobile phone. So, a smart phone may be called a gadget, a camera may be called a gimpet, computer software may be called a gadget and so on. In this article we will use the word gadget more liberally and define each word as appropriate. Our list of gimps includes electronic devices, gizmos and other clever devices.

Kitchen gadgets are very popular because they allow you to prepare simple and delicious meals. From mixers, blenders, food processors, electric cheese makers, coffee machines to blenders and more, modern kitchen gadgets offer all sorts of convenience. One such kitchen gadget is the Pop Up Blender by Sanyo. The Sanyo Pop Up Blender is designed to be easily lifted out of the appliance case and used with one hand – perfect for those hard to reach places!

Gadgets that work without batteries include solar powered devices like chargers, GPS/RFID tags, cell phones, watches, cameras and video recorders. Other types of battery operated devices include toys, exercise equipment and baby monitors. A new wave of electrical toys is the electric bug zapper. This is the age of electronic gadgets – cars, trucks, robots, and iPhones (not to mention iPods and DVD players). We live in a gadget country.

If you want to play with a lot of gadgets, consider a desktop computer as your preferred GADGET. Your desktop computer serves as a device to store data and allows you to access applications on the internet or store information locally on your hard drive. Computers are also great for making presentations to business associates. But even a desktop computer can’t be used as a GADGET if you don’t have a laptop or tablet computer at home. Laptops and tablets are convenient for travelers and they’re also perfect for working while on the road.

You can also get an all-in-one office gadget like the iControl 1000iS. These are not technically GADGET devices, but combine many functions in one convenient package. The control panel controls five major devices – printers, faxes, computers, mobile phones, and digital personal media players – from a single remote control. The iControl 1000iS can be used to control these and other devices in one complete workspace.