What Makes a Gadget?

News Oct 30, 2021

A gadget is usually any practical, miniature electronic device or a complex machined object. Gadgets can be called gizmos. For example, to have an idea of a GPS system you cannot drive across the desert with a portable navigation system; it is an inflatable gadget. The GPS is really a gizmo, or rather, a clever implementation of gizmos, such as the navigation system. The GPS can be considered a new gizmo, but it is not really a new invention.


Invented by Peter Lauritson and Mark Hassler in 1995, the first GADGET was the handheld pan/tilt mobile phone. It was designed for skiing. Later, a similar smart device was invented for hikers. These gadgets are used everywhere, from the classroom to the field to the wild. There are many types of gadgets. Smart phones, music players, watches, cameras, computers, gaming systems, DVD players, pocket PCs, personal digital assistants (PDAs), and other smart technological devices are all on the market.

A gadget that may appear to be just another everyday item has been developed through several innovative processes, and a gadget that may seem to be just another computer or a cellular phone has been created through another series of innovative process. Just because a gadget exists does not mean that it is for everyone. Many gadgets have specific functions that are more suited for a particular group of people, or for a particular activity.

Smart phones, for example, are great companions for drivers, hikers, and children. Because they are so small and can fit into a person’s pockets, they make navigating, staying informed, and interacting with others easier. They can also be preloaded with applications, which makes them more efficient. Some smart phones are capable of dialing and calling landlines, and even receive and dial international calls. Most mobile phones can also access the Internet, and some even allow downloading music and videos.

In terms of entertainment, many gadgets can play music and videos. A cell phone can even act as a radio with voice-overs, and there are video games that can be purchased that can be played while the phone is in the case. A GPS unit can guide hunters and tourists in areas where there are no GPS or other mapping systems. A camera can be used to take high-quality pictures and movies, as well. A gaming unit is also popular among younger individuals because many new games require the use of a camera or micro webcam.

GADGETS can be collected through a number of sources, including online auctions, cell phone companies’ websites, and local classified ads. One can find a gadget at any price. One can choose the type that will fit one’s needs and lifestyle.