SylviaI’m an atheist in the UK and I’m often gobsmacked at how atheism is generally perceived in the US. When I read stories like Jessica Ahlquist’s or Damon Fowler’s I just sit here in disbelief and find myself somewhat outraged.

So I’ve been wondering for a while what can I do? It’s a cause I find myself quite passionate about so I want to do something to help. I’m a filmmaker. With that in mind, I would dearly love to make a film about atheism in the USA. More specifically about the people, the stories of people who have come out as atheists, the stories of people who are actively campaigning and the struggles they’ve had to deal with. I’d like to make a documentary that shows that “we are just people too, trying to live a good decent life”.

The concept is currently a work in progress and will depend on who will eventually be involved and the time frame. The final product will most likely be a 40 or 50 minute documentary with further information on this website on the people involved, a diary, …

I’m hoping it would help fellow atheists, and organisations as the CFI, the Freedom from Religion Foundation, … I want to show that atheists aren’t people that one should be so afraid of or that Christians should hate. Maybe it can find its way to religious organisations and help them be a bit more open towards people who may not share their beliefs, but do share many values.

I hope you’d think this would be a worthwhile project and might consider helping to fund this project or getting involved in some way.



  • Vanessa Muntz

    Was looking up something else and found myself here :-) I do find it interesting how some atheists can get outraged at bad behaviour caused by religious people.. but then seem to turn a blind eye to how some atheists publicly treat other people (especially Christians it seems). I’m just wondering when atheists will stand up to how other atheists treat religious people. Take for example Dawkins telling a crowd of people to mock Christians and ridicule them and the crowd yells back with applause. This is just one example and I am not saying all atheists are like this. But some are. Just as not all Christians are the same.

    • Ken Kressin

      Actually, Dawkins preceded this “quote” with the example of the literal belief that bread is literally turned into the body of Jesus. I think you’re unfairly applying a broad brush. But given that objection, why is it the responsibility of atheists to criticize Richard Dawkins any more than it is for Christians to criticize Westboro Baptist church?

      • Vanessa Muntz

        I think there should be a responsibility there on both sides to stand up against wrong behaviour portrayed by someone of their own belief system. Why? Cause I think if our beliefs mean anything to us, we would want to make sure they are seen correctly. There are alot of mistaken beliefs out there both about Christianity and Atheism. Good on those people who want to set the record straight

  • Jan

    Sylvia, I just tried emailing you but was unsuccessful. I used hi@ and press@ and even sylvia@ with the domain, but all three bounced. (They said I needed SMTP authentication, but there’s no way to turn that on in my mail client.) Do you have another username I can use? Was hoping to start a conversation. I love what you’ve done. :-)