Hug an Atheist is filmed, edited, colored and ready to be watched! Thanks to all our donors it is now possible to offer the documentary film Hug an Atheist to the widest possible audience. This type of indie production will always struggle to break even. We have poured our time, love, passion, sweat, tears and money into making this project a success. We’d greatly appreciate it if you wouldn’t pirate the film, but direct your friends and foo’s to this page instead.

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Hug an Atheist NTSC DVD (through Amazon) – $30 – Available now! Click to buy
Hug an Atheist HD download (through VHX) – $10 – Available now! Click to buy
Order PAL DVD – $35
NTSC Blu-Ray – $55
PAL Blu-Ray – $60
If your group wants to host a screening (private or public) for an audience of more than 10 people, you will need a licensing agreement. Please contact us for more details and different options.
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