And that’s a wrap…

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Yes, the film has been edited, coloured, scored and printed! It has been a mad few months here in the office. Hug an Atheist has had its premiere at the San Francisco Atheist Film Festival on Saturday, the 14th of September and has been well received by critics and the audience alike. Reviews have started to appear on a variety of blogs and websites, including the Washington  Post.

If you have pre-ordered the DVD or BluRay disc, it should either have arrived or be with you in the next few weeks. It was quite a mammoth  task to have the DVDs duplicated and mailed out to everyone, so please bear with us while we organise the last batch of discs.

So what’s next? From the very start, this project has always been to help grow acceptance for atheists in the US. I wanted to make a positive movie and consciously avoided making this documentary a ‘us versus them’ battle. Now the film is made, it is important to try and reach as big an audience as possible. All the raised funds (and then some) have been used to produce this film. Independent films (such as this documentary) lack the ‘big-bucks’ promotion campaigns that our Hollywood counterparts enjoy. Although the internet has made self-distribution a whole lot easier, this will only get you a specific audience that often has a self-interest. In order to reach the biggest (and most varied) audience possible, a film like this needs to be scheduled in the film festival circuit. And that’s exactly where we are focusing our attention right now. We’ve set up a new indiegogo campaign to raise some extra funds so we can enter as many relevant festivals as possible. It would be great if you could spread the word or even help us reach our goal.

So what else have we been up to? Well, we’ve started efforts to try and make sure as many people as possible can get their hands on this film. At present here are the different ways to watch Hug an Atheist:



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