Jumping for Joy

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On Thursday 13 September, I had packed my bags to go on a vacation the following morning that we had booked ages ago. I had timed the end of the Indiegogo campaign for that day, but with the time difference, it actually ended at 8am GMT on Friday morning. As I went to bed around midnight, we were still a long way from our goal. I spent one last evening campaigning like mad, emailing, tweeting, facebooking, … In my head, I already kind of resigned to not making the goal this time, and I was already working on ideas on how to come back with an even bigger and better campaign. My attitude was: hope for the best, expect the worst. When I got up 5 hours later, that last attempt had made quite a significant difference, but still not nearly close enough to the goal. 3 Hours to go, maybe a wealthy benefactor would come by?

While on our way to the port of Southampton, around 7am, I check my email… we made our funding goal! This couldn’t be right? Could it? I frantically tried to get on onto the Indiegogo website, but my connection keeps breaking up (don’t worry, I wasn’t the one driving).  I finally manage to get to the website, and yes, it actually states: GOAL REACHED!!! “Hug an Atheist” is a GO! A few expletives and outbursts of joy ensued. My heart started racing, this was really happening! I wanted to jump for joy, but was stuck in a car.

A few hours later, we arrived in Southampton, with the biggest smile ever on my face. So armed with only mobile internet, I set about sending an update on Indiegogo, facebook and twitter, and emailed a few people. I was a bit hyper for the rest of the day. We set sail that evening, on the greatest ocean liner ever built, to America. Everything was different now.

Jumping for Joy! (pardon the wet lens, it was raining)

I woke up the following day with a massive headache, no, I didn’t have a hangover. The stress of planning all this over several months combined with a seriously busy “day”-job, finally ebbed away. I was left with just excitement. But first I had a much needed week off and enjoyed every minute of it.

Back home, and the planning is in full swing. Later this month we will be back in the USA, Florida and Nevada. We’ve already made arrangements to meet up with several people for the documentary. And I am trying to sort out a few more meetings.

Then, late November, I’ll be back. The following states and cities are on the agenda at that time: New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Washington DC, Chicago, Michigan and Kentucky.

Next year, I’ll be back to cover more of the Western areas, like California and Texas. I’m hoping to combine that with the American Atheist Convention in Austin, TX.

I will keep you updated on this website and the facebook page. I will also update the “donate” section one of these days, as I’ve had several people ask if they could still order a DVD or help out. So do check in every once in a while.

To all you lovely people who donated: I can’t begin to thank you enough! I will send out proper thank you emails soon, but I wanted to organize the travel plans as soon as possible as I’m working in a limited time frame. But rest assured, I am incredibly grateful that you are giving me this opportunity.

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  • Jordan Campo

    Aw cool, I’m in Michigan but couldn’t donate, I too am a filmmaker. Good luck!

  • Rjkraninger

    You should put your logo on t-shirts