On Hope, with James Croft

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One of the questions I ask many of the people I interview is “What gives you hope?”. Hope that things will get better, not just for atheists but pretty much for the world. And I’d like to share part James Croft’s answer to this one. Quite a few people mentioned similarities between the LGBT community’s struggle for acceptance over the past few decades and what the atheist and humanist community is trying to achieve. And James’ answer seems to focus on this, but it is actually about history. I love history, it was one of my favourite subjects in school and at university. But the one frustrating thing I really learned from history can be surmised in a quote from the German philosopher Hegel: ‘We learn from history that man can never learn anything from history.’ James is more optimistic about history than I am and I really liked that about him.

James Croft,
Creator, Temple of the Future
Assistant Editor, The New Humanism
Rouse Them
Research and Education Fellow at the Harvard Humanist Community

Author: HugAnAtheist