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  • 11:30 PM

Funding Campaign for ‘Hug an atheist’

About this campaign:

My name is Sylvia, I’m a Belgian filmmaker living in England and I’m an atheist. I’m often gobsmacked at how atheism is generally perceived in the US. When I read stories like Jessica Ahlquist’s or Damon Fowler’s I just sit here in disbelief and find myself outraged.

Unlike my US friends, I can openly talk about it without the fear of persecution or the fear of losing my job, my friends or my family. It’s a cause I find myself passionate about so I’ve been wondering for a while what can I do. I’m a filmmaker. With that in mind, I would dearly love to make a film about atheism in the USA. More specifically about the people, the stories of people who have come out as atheists, the stories of people who are actively campaigning and the struggles they’ve had to deal with. I’d like to make a documentary that shows that “we are just people too, trying to live a good decent life”.

The final product will be a 50 minute documentary film with extra information and interviews on the Hug an Atheist website on the people involved, a diary, …

I’m hoping it will help fellow atheists, and organizations as the SSACFI, the Freedom from Religion Foundation, … I want to show that atheists aren’t people that one should be so afraid of or that Christians should hate. It is my sincere hope the documentary will find its way to religious organizations and help them be a bit more open towards people who may not share their beliefs, but do share many values.

Several people are already supporting this project and are enthusiastically involved, including a few well known atheists such as Greta ChristinaHemant Mehta and Roy Speckhardt. We’ve also already been asked to submit the film when it is completed to the Atheist Film Festival.

Help us fund this film by going to Hug an Atheist on