“Your [sic] going to hell”

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We’re just over 2 weeks into fundraising and it has been another interesting week.
The good news: We’ve raised over $4400! That’s an impressive amount of money. Thank you! And we’ve been featured on 2 blogs. Richard Carrier didn’t only blog about it, he also donated and has been very kind and helpful.

“But there is another that might get made, if the filmmaker can raise the money to do it. And I think if you can help, you definitely should. It’s Hug an Atheist, and it sets itself apart from those other two films in ways that make it yet another film I really want to see, if only we can find enough financial supporters to make it possible. It will be directed by Sylvia Broeckx, a cool Belgian girl living in the UK, and that is unique feature number one: she comes from a background of European culture that simply sees nothing like the hostility to atheism we do over here, and she has become increasingly appalled by it (her trailer exemplifies what I mean, as does her accompanying mission statement). She will be able to give us a nuanced compare-and-contrast point of view between how it is and how it could be, informed by her foreign background and point of view. But unique feature number two is even more important: she will be focusing not just on documenting the unusual hostility and ignorance and fear and bigotry toward atheists and atheism in America, but even more on showing positive atheist values and what atheist lives and families are really like. This is really something of value we need to see produced and available.”.

And a few days ago, out of the blue, someone guided me to another blog Steve Croker’s Cognitive Revolution.

“The impact could be very important. As discussed previously, a sense of the prevalence of this outgroup may go a long way towards reducing prejudice against atheists.”

I just smile from ear to ear to when I see that people really do care about getting this film made.

And then, as they say “haters gonna hate”. Last week I lost a few friends over this project, this week there are people who felt the need to say that I’m going to hell, without even looking into what Hug an Atheist is about, and hence proving my point, and that they will be praying for me. Some people also seem to think this film is just a pity party and that they don’t want a hug, but respect. Well, I don’t hug people I don’t respect and to me a hug is a step up from respect.

Finally, the last few days have been a bit quiet, so if you want to see film made, we’re going to need to step up our game. We need to raise an average of $650 a day now to make it! I’ve emailed dozens of well known atheists and shared this project on many websites and facebook pages. But I really can’t do this alone, I really do need your help.

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     I’d like to see this movie when and if it comes out. Growing up christian, I must admit I used to be afraid of non believers, but eventually came to realize there was nothing to “be afraid of.” Non believers are normal people who have jobs and hobbies, they’re active in their community, they raise children, etc. And on the flip side, christians can be real pieces of shit, they just happen to bear the christian label.